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Sun, 30th of March


Selections from ‘Rituals’, by Noorann Matties

Forced to examine ourselves in ways many normally avoid, Rituals as a project sought to capture the moment in which we our lives become devoid of distraction and we become intimately aware of ourselves. By photographing people’s personal beauty rituals I attempted to capture this awareness, this intimacy that occurs only when one is forced to examine their own body, the most basic thing that is theirs, and build upon it.

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Tue, 25th of March


I did this 

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Tue, 11th of March

ruven afanador photographs the paul taylor dance company rehearsing ‘cloven kingdom’

Sun, 9th of March


(by moon hearted)

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Mon, 3rd of March
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Fri, 28th of February
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Fri, 28th of February
Tattoos by Amanda Wachob (x)
Tue, 25th of February


We Are All Made of Stars

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Sat, 15th of February


"Kaiko" by Stefano Moro Van Wyk

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Thu, 13th of February


"Overgrowth" a collaboration between photographer Parker Fitzgerald and floral designer Riley Messina. 

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Wed, 12th of February


Dancers Photography by Ludovic Florent

"Poussière d’étoiles" is a series realized by French photographer Ludovic Florent. He gives pride of place to dancers full of grace by adding flour. Sand grains highlight the majestic movement effect of their dance. More photos in the next part of the article.

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Mon, 10th of February
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Mon, 10th of February


Bhanu Kapil, from “Some Autobiographical Information about Cyborgs”

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Thu, 30th of January
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Thu, 30th of January


Francesc Ruiz Abad


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