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Tue, 22nd of April
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Tue, 22nd of April
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Tue, 22nd of April

Matthew Quick, Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock

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Tue, 22nd of April


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Tue, 22nd of April


"the pattern of human population growth in the twentieth century was more bacterial than primate."edward o. wilson

"we are a plague on the earth. it’s coming home to roost over the next fifty years or so. it’s not just climate change; it’s sheer space, places to grow food for this enormous horde."david attenborough

around ten thousand years ago, there were maybe five million people on earth. two thousand years ago, there were probably two hundred million. today, there are over seven billion people, and that’s almost a billion more than there were just over a decade ago. in 2009, the number of people living in urban areas surpassed the number living in rural areas.

these photos were taken by chris hadfield (on tumblr) while commander of the international space station, showing, in order, (click pic) amman, istanbul, brussels, cairo, manila, london, delhi, boston, beijing, and guadalajara.

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Tue, 22nd of April
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Black sand beach, Vik, Iceland

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Tue, 22nd of April
Benvolio: In love?
Romeo: Out.
Benvolio: Of love?
Romeo: Out of her favor where I am in love.
Benvolio: *looks into the camera like he's on The Office*
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Tue, 22nd of April
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Tue, 22nd of April

speaking of shania: i just googled ‘shania twain leopard print’ (because obviously), and found this, which is almost too much just on its own, but then it turns out it’s from a site called ‘saving country music’ with a caption about ruining integrity, so there we go: literally the most perfect thing to ever have happened, courtesy of shania twain.

Tue, 22nd of April

[shania twain - (if you’re not in it for love) i’m outta here!]

i’ve been trying to make a mix of all the big songs us millenials were raised listening to (aka a ‘parental nostalgia playlist’), but i think i’m gonna have to divide it up somehow because there’s just so much shania - and cher, and madonna.  (and bon jovi, but who cares about them?)

and thank god for that, tbh.  the best thing canada’s ever produced, right here.

Tue, 22nd of April

"You leaving today, honey?"
"No, I’m here right through."
"Oh well, a couple more days to pack at least.  You gotta go far?"
"Yeah, as far as possible basically.  I’m from Victoria."
"Why in the world did you come here then?”

aka the conversation i think i’ve had with every single parent or other ‘proper adult’ in and around res this week

Mon, 21st of April


Herbert James Draper, 1863-1920

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