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Thu, 24th of April
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Thu, 24th of April


Anne Carson, interview with The Paris Review (fall 2004)

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Thu, 24th of April
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Thu, 24th of April

[PANK] Archive :: 7.13 :: November 2012 :: The First Thing the Stupid Bitch Does is Fall in Love :: M.R. Sheffield


Second thing she does is slide into heels so high she doesn’t have to stand on tiptoe for shit.

Third thing the bitch does is throw every appliance into a snow bank. They’ll still be good in the spring.

Unsure what makes her stupid? Take this five question quiz to determine if you yourself are also a stupid bitch. Alas, if you are, there’s no way any of these words strung together in the manner I’ve strung and tuned them will resolve themselves into meaning. Dude. I mean, there’s just no way. I’m not a magician.

Thu, 24th of April


all these poses of classical torture
ruined my mind like a snake in the orchard

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Thu, 24th of April

my hockey lit final’s at 7 tonight, and then i’m done for the year, and i can go home on sunday and recuperate/lick my wounds/screw my head back on straight.  in 23 days i turn 25, and i’ll be spending the day at a poetry workshop run by buddy wakefield, and i feel strangely crisis-free about the whole thing.  maybe a nervous breakdown at 23 makes having a quarter-life crisis irrelevant.  i’ve re-arranged my courses for next year so that i’ll be graduating, eventually, hopefully, with a combined english-creative writing degree instead of just english, because hey, it’s not like i’m ever going to be actually useful anyways, so i might as well get grades for working on the stuff that spills out of me like so many oil slicks anyways.  in all, i’m a lot calmer than i’d assumed i would be at this point, even if i’m way behind where i should be in the whole ‘packing up all the detritus of my entire tiny life’ side of things.  i did some laundry?

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Thu, 24th of April

Martha and Rufus Wainwright photographed by Robert Maxwell for New York Times (2006)

Thu, 24th of April
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Thu, 24th of April



I think this is the best motivation inspiration ever.

reachabovethetrees: #if you want the fish you should take the fish even if the fish is giant and it will be hard to take the fish you should take it anyway because then you will have fish

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Thu, 24th of April
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Thu, 24th of April

cinematography i really dig in: withnail & i

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